ProSharp Profiling - Triple Profiles presented

mardi 25 août 2015 11:46 0

Adding a 3rd radius provides an additional dimension for skating strides and moves. It increases speed and balance, when compared to a double radius profile. Also, it delivers a large amount of ice contact, allowing the player to reduce his hollow. 

For who
• Skilled players
• Offensive players 

Specifics for Each Prosharp Profile

Zuperior S - A combination profile of 6’-12’-26’. Used to increase acceleration, manoeuvrability, speed, and balance. It delivers fantastic ice contact needed for producing great edge control. It is a great choice for a power forward because of the added stability you need to battle along the walls and corners, but also acceleration bursts to escape from those areas. Size of holders 246- 254-263. For lighter skaters.

Zuperior M - Profile of 6’-13’-26’. See Zuperior S. Size of holders 272-280-288. For medium weight skat- ers.

Zuperior L - Profile of 6’-14’-26’. See Zuperior S. Size of holders 296-306-312. For heavier skaters.

Zuperior V - Profile of 6’-17’-26’. See Zuperior S. Size of holders 296-306-312. For goalies or heavy recreational players looking for great stability.

*The Zuperior series only changes the middle radius to incorporate the size of holders. 


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